Daughter of London

In case it’s not yet evident, Donna Noble is my favorite Companion from Doctor Who.   Her departure from the show is, in my estimating, the most tragic (yes, even more so than Rose’s).  There is a quiet power in Donna’s character and my experience of watching the series and getting to watch someone like Donna, to whom I relate very much, get to travel alongside the Doctor and be appreciated for the very truth of who she was, was very emotional.  Donna is probably the most distinct of the Companions, given that there was been no one like her before and hasn’t been a female character like her since.  She is the Doctor’s equal and there is never even a shred of romantic subtext between them.  I kept waiting for that to show up, but it never does and I was so grateful.  It IS possible for a man and a woman to be friends, equals, without romance or sex getting in the way.  And I will go to the mat on that one.

I also just love watching Tate and Tennant work together.  They are magic together, whether it’s platonic like it was here, in Who and on her show’s Christmas special, or whether they DID play romantic roles opposite one another as they did in Much Ado About Nothing.  More, please!
I was always pulling for a Donna/River/Captain Jack spinoff, myself. In my head, those three make an absolutely fabulous team.
Daughter of London


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