29 Facts

A friend recently introduced me to FIGMENT, an online writing community.  What particularly drew me in were the writing prompts.  There’s a daily challenge going on right now for February.  I’m getting to it late, but I think I’ll have a go with some of these.

First up: Write 29 interesting facts about yourself.

  1. My first name is a combination of my parents’ first names; Robert and Lorrin.  “Robin” was going to be my mother’s name originally and she’d always liked it.  The combination part was a happy coincidence.
  2. I have a freckle on my left eyeball.
  3. I have never been drunk.
  4. Taking a hot air balloon ride, though simple in the grand scheme of things, is high on my “bucket list.”
  5. Nothing brightens my day like a Siberian Husky.
  6. My favorite number is six.
  7. Schroeder is my favorite Peanuts character.
  8. I fell asleep at the wheel once, after being on a film set for over 27 hours.
  9. I’m a pescatarian; a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish
  10. I have two scars (from twelve stitches between them)
  11. I have never broken any bones.
  12. Give me books, give me films, but I am not really a gamer.
  13. I have had an out of body experience.
  14. I believe in God.
  15. I believe in other dimensions.
  16. I believe in reincarnation.
  17. I adore roller skating and loathe politics.
  18. I love classical music and listen to it regularly.
  19. My favorite symphony is Beethoven’s Beethoven’s Sixth, The Pastoral, which I have had the privilege to see performed live by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.
  20. I intend to get my motorcycle license someday.
  21. I love the stories in comic books and comic book lore, but I don’t really read them.
  22. I have minor Gephyrophobia.
  23. I work for a plumbing company.
  24. I have flirted – rather closely – with anorexia.
  25. I’m often told that I have a cool and calm demeanor; more than once someone has said to me, “nothing rattles you.”
  26. I am far from cool and calm under the surface; I’m more prone to believe when people tell me I’m cold and distant.  Internally, I am a basket case of constant self-criticism and doubt.
  27. In another life, I would have been a Firebender.
  28. If I could travel in time, I would go into the past to see my Aunt Susie one last time.
  29. Upon occasion, I have “Bilbo Baggins” moments; a glance towards an unfamiliar road or the sunset or a map of the US and I am struck with a sudden, strong impulse to head west, to run out of the door without my hat—or a plan—in want of an adventure.  Like with Bilbo, though, those moments fade and I remember that I am, truly happy with where I am and with the life that I have.  I don’t know where these moments come from, though; I’m not an adventurer.  I must have some Took blood in me, I suppose.


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