I Wrote A Book!

Guess what?  I wrote a book!Header_Twitter_V1

In the midst of war, Reman, a young, fast-advancing pilot for the Mech Republic, is assigned an unusually important reconnaissance mission. He is sent across the planet, deep into Fantasarian territory. All goes rapidly awry and he finds himself surrounded by Elves, Wizards and the acrid stench of Magic. As he prepares to sacrifice himself in the name of war, he is suddenly confronted with a new question: is there a need for war at all?

For the past two years I’ve been novelizing Genre Wars: Resistance Rising and, now, it’s done and I’m ready to publish!  But I need your help: the book is available now on Inkshares.com as an eBook and paperback starting at $10.  If I get 250 pre-orders by November 1st, the book will be published!

I’ve talked about Genre Wars before.  It’s the contest I participated in back in 2012, that evolved into a stand-alone web series.  The contest aimed to get local filmmakers up and creating together by showcasing a visual array of different genre types and aesthetics, fighting one another, match-up style (i.e. pirates v. ninjas, cowboys v. aliens, etc.). As the series developed, we approached the genre differences as cultural differences, rather than just surface-level plot devices.  I was surprised to find that the idea hasn’t really been done before; at least, not on this scale, outside of only one or two genres rubbing elbows.  This story includes fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, vampires, noir, ninjas and samurai, zombies, cowboys and pirates.  The themes range from cultural understanding to the cycle of loss, grief and forgiveness.
So, if you like sci-fi, fantasy, check it out and please consider backing me to help give me the best birthday gift ever (my birthday is Nov. 3rd).  Pre-order a copy and spread the word!
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