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Resistance Rising: A Genre Wars Novel

The Oniyum has vanished. War has come to Kabathan. The planet is in disarray, tribe fighting tribe. Mechs, Fantasarians, Vikings, Nenjin, Wranglers, Vampians, Mobsters, all trying to annihilate each other.

Reman, a fast-advancing pilot for the Mech Republic, is assigned an unusually important solo mission. Alone, deep in wild Fantasarian territory, he is ambushed and taken captive, surrounded by his culture’s oldest enemies; Elves, Wizards and the acrid stench of Magic.

He prepares to sacrifice himself in the name of war, but, instead, finds himself confronted with a question that will challenge everything has ever known.

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Clean Break (WIP)

Coming Soon.

Autumn, 1994. A bleak holiday season approaches for Jason, a fresh high school grad whose life fell apart at the peak of senior year. Just barely recovering from near-fatal injuries, he’s left with no scholarship, no college plans, and a countdown to being forced to move out by his father. At a pre-Thanksgiving dinner for his parents’ friends and colleagues, Jason dreads a humiliating showcase of his failings but he’s entirely unprepared for an unexpected guest and how one night could change everything… all over again.