Resistance Rising: A Genre Wars Novel

Inspired by the Genre Wars project

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“Everyone should look at this … A world inhabited by all the different genres we love – fighting each other? Amazing.”

Tahani Nelson, author of The Last Faoii

“A bright new look at fiction writing … combines the most unlikely characters on a journey to find peace in a changing world. The originality of the concept is both refreshing and surprising. Excellent read!

Amazon Review

“A strong message that is as relevant to readers as it is to the people of Kabathan … this story will have you longing to escape through its pages to join The Resistance.”

Review from R. Bertaux


Kabathan is peopled with cultures inspired by different genres: Fantasarians, Mechs, Nenjin, Wranglers, Steampunks, Mobsters, Vampians, Necromancers, Vikings, and Pirates.

map designed by Neville E. Emmanuel

Peace was always kept between them by a sentient, crystalline relic called The Oniyum. Shared and passed between the tribes for centuries, it became the center of their world order and the source of each culture’s evolution. Whatever mild friction existed between the tribes, the Oniyum kept it at bay. Until the Oniyum inexplicably vanishes, leaving behind disaster and war in its wake.
It would have been easy to use the Oniyum as a McGuffin; center the story around it, but, instead, our story deals with the very real fact that the world relies too heavily on it anyway. The characters realize, “if it’s gone, it’s gone; let us accept it, find a newway to co-exist and move on.” It serves as a very significant analogy for the story’s themes of loss, grief and forgiveness.

“Interesting characters, with just the right blend of descriptiveness and mystery . . . I look forward to even more stories about this diverse world …”

J. Stanford, Amazon review

Read more about the journey in an author interview with writer and fellow bookworm, Barbara Brutt.

“It’s always wonderful to delve into a fully realized world like Resistance Rising … Not only does the reader get to discover the history of the world, but the author expertly guides the reader’s eye to details to bring the story to life…”

Stephen Carignan, author of The Sleeping Man and Labels and Jellyspoons


It all started with Ron Newcomb‘s online short film competition (also called Genre Wars), but after participating, Justin Moe and myself saw far greater potential in the concept, well beyond the initial premise of one visual aesthetic versus another.

The project evolved, however, into Genre Wars: Resistance Rising, a stand-alone sci-fi/fantasy web series,currently in post-production.

“A magical adventure that is about to unfold! I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.”

Ashley Brandt, author of Darkened Destinies and Rumors of Blackridge

“Extremely looking forward to this book! … I can’t wait to start reading.”

Michael Mongeon

“So excited for this novel!”

Nick Frye

“A remarkable and unique premise!”

Ferd Crôtte, author of Mission 51 and Reset

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