The Great American Wheat Harvest

GAWH_DVD-cover-3DEvery year many custom harvesters pack their bags, stock their RVs, load their crews and families into their trucks and head south for an annual pilgrimage that involves hard work, hot weather, and occasionally a rewarding sunset. These are the people who harvest the wheat and other crops that grow in abundance throughout the United States.

The Great American Wheat Harvest is a documentary film that tells the story of hard-working custom harvesters who travel from the heart of Texas to the Canadian border harvesting the wheat that feeds our Great Country and the World.

This film is being produced by award-winning Director and Producer, Conrad Weaver, President of Conjostudios, LLC based out of Frederick, MD.

The story is dramatic as well as inspiring. It’s compelling as it shares the challenges that are now threatening that way of life passed on from generation from generation. Much has changed and from a historical perspective. It is important to document the lifestyle and heritage before it is lost.