Zoo (Volkerschau)

Zoo_01Zoo, “Volkerschau,” is the 1st film produced by Little Known Stories Production Company, about the last known human zoo – 1958 World’s Fair Brussels, Belgium.

Two girls prepare to see a live show featuring an ‘exotic creature’ at the World’s Fair.  What they expect, and what occurs differ drastically. One thing is for sure: we don’t know racism until it’s taught to us.

Zoo represents the depth of human capacity to find freedom in captivity; a perspective on humanity. It explores the delicacy of innocence, the tightrope dynamics of mother-daughter relationships, the constant sacrifice and hard decisions mothers face and the zest of a youthful dreamer, compared to the resignation of dreams deferred for an older person.  Zoo celebrates life and freedom despite one’s circumstances and embraces the beauty of self-awareness and evolving, within the confines of one’s own personal zoo.

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Team Little Known Stories called upon good friend and videographer Tynz to capture Principal Photography. We all knew, with such a tiny production team, we’d be running around like crazy and wouldn’t remember the two days we shot the film. So Tynz and Producer Bri worked together to create a wonderful memoriam, that perfectly captures the spirit and essence of our production. #letsallbehuman



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