Soufflé Girl

In honor of Jenna Coleman’s farewell from the series, I felt it appropriate to whip up an ensemble from my favorite of Clara Oswald’s many personalities.  Oswin may have been her introduction, but “Soufflé Girl” will always be my favorite.  I loved her wit, sarcasm and smarts and would have, in all honesty, loved to have known the character more.  She may have been only one of The Impossible Girl’s many lives, but there was so much character compacted into that one episode that doesn’t all necessarily get explained in subsequent episodes.  Perhaps less is more, but, like so many that have come and gone before her, there was so much still left unknown.
You will be missed, Clara.
Say hi to Sarah Jane, Rose, Martha, Donna and the Ponds, eh?
Souffle Girl


Hello, Sweetie.

River Song is something of an enigma to me.  On the one hand, I think she’s fabulous, engaging and one the most inspired characters in the series.  On the other hand, I think the series does not take allow her to live up to her full potential.  I’m tremendously glad that the character came on the scene while Davies was still running the show; had Moffat been in charge by then, I have a sneaking suspicion that Alex Kingston may very well have been passed over for someone looking at bit more like Amy and Clara.  And I don’t know about you, but the idea of ANYONE else in the role of River simply does not compute.  Kingston positively OWNS that role.  Even in episodes where the character is forced to act very much like a Mary Sue, Kingston manages to stay authentic to the underlying identity and enjoy every minute of it.
I would love to see Kingston return to the series to interact with Capaldi; were she to do so, I predict fireworks of the best kind.

HP Challenge – Favorite Male Character

HP Challenge - Favorite Male Character

HP Challenge – Favorite Male Character by unusualsidekick.

I really couldn’t decide between these two. So, both.
Rubeus Hagrid and Severus Snape.

These two are also among my top three favorite characters across the board.

I like them for different reasons. Snape is not a character I personally LIKE – in fact, most of the time, I can’t stand the guy – but he IS one of the most fascinating characters in the entire series. In fact, Snape is not just one of the most important characters in the books, but one of the most unique. There was always (no pun intended, I swear) question as to where his loyalties did, in fact, lie; consistently, from book one, all the way through book seven. And once we knew his backstory – even those of us who guessed at what it might have been – it made everything so much clearer. He is both a tragic and triumphant character at the same time. Brava, JK Rowling.

Hagrid, meanwhile, is probably the most unsung hero of the books. The films almost completely deplete his character. Hagrid is, as Rowling herself said, the person who led Harry into the wizarding world, and carried him back out again. It is Hagrid who personally takes Harry away from the Dursleys and was the one who told Harry that he was a wizard and, too, about Voldemort. Hagrid is one of the most honest characters in the books; he tries his best at everything and truly wants to do good in the world. He cares, fiercely for his friends and, in my opinion, is one of the best examples of a true Gryffindor. I knew, when Deathly Hallows was published that the one character death I would not be able to forgive would be Hagrid’s. And, thank you JKR for keeping Hagrid safe. ❤