The Day As The Doctor

Last weekend, I joined photographer Jeff Stanford on a walk around Downtown Frederick, Maryland, dressed in full Doctor Who cosplay.  I’m continuing to explore what cosplay means to me and what it’s place is in my life.  I don’t really have firm answers for either of those questions/thoughts, but I thought a photo shoot on a sunny, slightly less brisk winter day (though admittedly not warmer by much) sounded like a good idea.

Here are the results.


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Short for Mistress.

Missy was one of the best things that happened to Doctor Who in series eight.  Michelle Gomez was positively fierce in the role; she encapsulated the character completely, bringing both the feel and familiarity of the past incarnations and seamlessly adding new flair of her own.  The chemistry between she and Peter Capaldi was crackling and I eagerly await further appearances in series ten.  There may be some divide amongst the fans regarding her character, but I am definitely in her corner and thought she was a breath of fresh, focused air to a season that had been, up to that point, confused and ambling.  So, to those haters out there, I echo Missy herself; instead of complaining, “say something nice.”
Say Something Nice.


The Doctor’s Doctor

I feel that Martha Jones is a vastly underrated character.  Her debut episode, “Smith and Jones,” is one of my favorites, actually.  I think that the series at large would have benefitted from a little less swooning on her part, but at the same time, I hardly blame her (let’s be honest: who wouldn’t swoon for David Tennant?) and the episodes in which she appears are some of the best (Blink, anyone?).  I like that she is, in fact, a doctor (or becomes one) and I think she has a deceptively powerful exit.  Of “NuWho,” she is the only character who choses to leave the Doctor on her own terms and when she does return, she’s an even more established, powerful version of herself and I value that very much.
 The Doctors Doctor

Daughter of London

In case it’s not yet evident, Donna Noble is my favorite Companion from Doctor Who.   Her departure from the show is, in my estimating, the most tragic (yes, even more so than Rose’s).  There is a quiet power in Donna’s character and my experience of watching the series and getting to watch someone like Donna, to whom I relate very much, get to travel alongside the Doctor and be appreciated for the very truth of who she was, was very emotional.  Donna is probably the most distinct of the Companions, given that there was been no one like her before and hasn’t been a female character like her since.  She is the Doctor’s equal and there is never even a shred of romantic subtext between them.  I kept waiting for that to show up, but it never does and I was so grateful.  It IS possible for a man and a woman to be friends, equals, without romance or sex getting in the way.  And I will go to the mat on that one.

I also just love watching Tate and Tennant work together.  They are magic together, whether it’s platonic like it was here, in Who and on her show’s Christmas special, or whether they DID play romantic roles opposite one another as they did in Much Ado About Nothing.  More, please!
I was always pulling for a Donna/River/Captain Jack spinoff, myself. In my head, those three make an absolutely fabulous team.
Daughter of London

Why I Like: Cons

Cosplaying at Awesome Con DC 2015

AC 2015 Who Panel

R-L: Myself (10th Doctor), DL Moody, Justin Moe (11th Doctor), Nathan Moe.

One of the highlights of 2015 for me was, for the second time, happily attending Awesome Con in the nation’s capital.  For my part, it was a tremendous improvement over 2014; still was not quite up to Baltimore Comic Con’s level, but it’s done a mighty job getting closer.

I’m still something of a cosplay rookie; I’m still learning to sew and almost every ensemble I’ve worn has been compiled from pre-made articles of clothing, either purchased from a store, Goodwill, or unearthed from the depths of my own closet.  That said, I have only ever attended Cons in costume, which came as a bit of surprise when I realized it.  I’d been interested in seeing what conventions were like for quite awhile—I’d just never actually made it to one until 2013, when a close friend of mine said: “This September.  Baltimore Comic Con.  We’re going.”

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