Soufflé Girl

In honor of Jenna Coleman’s farewell from the series, I felt it appropriate to whip up an ensemble from my favorite of Clara Oswald’s many personalities.  Oswin may have been her introduction, but “Soufflé Girl” will always be my favorite.  I loved her wit, sarcasm and smarts and would have, in all honesty, loved to have known the character more.  She may have been only one of The Impossible Girl’s many lives, but there was so much character compacted into that one episode that doesn’t all necessarily get explained in subsequent episodes.  Perhaps less is more, but, like so many that have come and gone before her, there was so much still left unknown.
You will be missed, Clara.
Say hi to Sarah Jane, Rose, Martha, Donna and the Ponds, eh?
Souffle Girl


HP Challenge – Favorite Book

HP Challenge - Favorite Book

HP Challenge – Favorite Book by unusualsidekick.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

This is, very often, the book that gets forgotten or tossed aside. I love it because it managed to be the second installment in the series and not be completely worthless, the way that most sequels usually are. Rowling came back with a second story that was just as strong as her first. I love seeing how the characters get to simply live in the universe they now know; in Sorcerer’s Stone, they were still marveling at everything. Here, they are more familiar with it and get to inhabit it comfortably. To me, that’s the mark of a great writer. Both the characters and the audience become so accustomed and comfortable with the world that’s been created, we can stretch out, walk around, and simply enjoy being at Hogwarts, in Harry’s world. Plus, it contains some of my favorite quotes of the whole series.