Series Review: Disappointment Abounds In “Jupiter’s Legacy”

My series review for Jupiter’s Legacy on Film Festival Today.

This one was tough to write. If you’re planning to watch Jupiter’s Legacy, brace yourself. One thing I don’t cover in this review is the cavalier attitudes towards mental illness, addiction, and suicide.

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With the yo-yoing back and forth between centuries, plus an overcrowded cast of characters, plot threads get muddled or abandoned altogether … which causes the symbolism to grow murky and elicits uncomfortable questions… A few moments manage to shine, including an Episode-Seven fight sequence featuring the non-super-powered Hutch (Ian Quinlan). The show really would have benefitted from more of such ingenuity.

The ideas of generational divides, idealism vs. harsh reality and, perhaps the most important and underused of all, action vs. inaction, may be worthwhile in theory, but they just don’t deliver in execution.

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Series Review: “Shadow and Bone”

My review for Shadow and Bone for Film Festival Today is up!

One’s enjoyment of this series may vary because familiarity with ­and affinity for the source material will undoubtedly affect the overall viewing experience here … performances across the board are fantastic … the visual effects are stunning, and the music and sound design are tremendous. From the jump, the world feels grounded without being exorbitantly gritty … Sadly, what kills the show’s momentum – repeatedly – is the cutting away to the city of Ketterdam and its characters … Many of their scenes, setups and lines of dialogue are rehashed from Six of Crows and cobbled together in this new context for surface-level fan service that … implies that they are not worthy of the same time and effort as the Shadow and Bone characters, story, or screen time…

After reading a smattering of other reviews, it seems I’m a little harsher on the series than other critics, but I stand by what I say here. I wanted to love this series, and there are many aspects of it that I did adore, but others – the ones that meant a lot to me as a fan – really let me down. It all leaves me wondering, with the choices they made, where do they go from here?

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