Video Reel

Resistance Rising: A Genre Wars Novel
Book trailer for the novel Resistance Rising, inspired by the original sci-fi/fantasy web series, “Genre Wars.”
Author /
Series Screenwriter, First Assistant Director, and Production Manager

Apocalypse Rock (Short Film Trailer)
Voice Talent.  Produced by Star Wipe Films / DUO Media Productions

After the Fact: A JFGH Story
Editor.  Produced by DUO Media Productions.

Game of CAD: A Song of Design & Engineering
Editor and Actor.  Produced by DUO Media Productions.

BigChange Baltimore
Editor.  Produced by Wide Angle Youth Media.

BigChange Breakfast
Editor.  Produced by Wide Angle Youth Media.

Play for Elouise Fundraiser Video
Editor.  Produced by DUO Media Productions for the Foundation to Fight H-ABC.

MCS Success Story: DataMail
Editor.  Produced by DUO Media Productions.

The Stranger
Short film based on the children’s book of the same title.
Producer, Director, Screenwriter.

Genre Wars: Resistance Rising (First Look).
 / Talking Head.

Genre Wars: Resistance Rising (The Producers).
Editor / Talking Head.

Genre Wars: Resistance Rising (The Story Unfolds).
Editor / Talking Head.

Flo Anito Trio – No Dustbunnies
Videographer, Editor.

SOCAPA – The School of Creative and Performing Arts
Shoot Supervisor, Videographer, Editor for Filmmaking and Acting Programs

SOCAPA Actor Reels:

1) Eranthis Quigley and Greg Seage : French Kiss

2) Emma Baxendale and Maris Lambesis : Gilmore Girls

3) Rachel Kurland and Sophie Zinn : The Man In The Moon

3) Ian Deming and Brooke Robbins : Twilight

Kidnapped (unfinished)
Visual excerpt from the feature-length screenplay I wrote for my Senior Project at Stevenson University (based on the novel Companions of the Night by Vivian Vande Velde).

Also a visual excerpt from my Companions of the Night film script.


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