Shrek Forever After

I’m posting about this because, well, I saw it, and also because I mentioned it in my post about movies due out this year.

Ultimately, my feeling is that it was worth seeing.  Once.  I’m not bitter about spending the extra couple bucks to see it in theatres, since it was visually worth it – even in 2D, which says a lot in my book.  It wasn’t horrendously awful, nor was it at the same level as any of its predecessors; I’m one of the few who actually liked Shrek the Third but this one wasn’t there either.  The clichés were far too frequent and the story was lacking originality.  I mean, you know, going in, that it’s a been-there-done-that premise, but I had hoped – and believed – that even with a concept such as this, they could have done something really cool.  I  had hoped to see Farquaad and the kingdom of Duloc again since, after all, there’s more to the Shrek universe than just Far, Far Away, but they treated it as though that weren’t the case.  Rumplestiltzkin was definitely the least-interesting villian of the four films and probably the most disappointing thing about the movie.

Regardless, it wasn’t a complete waste, though I’m glad that the franchise has reached its close and that, while the ending was a little rough, it didn’t go down in complete flames.


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