TV Meme ~ Day 2

Day 2 – A show that you wish more people were watching.

Lie to Me.

Quite timely, too, as Season 3 is due to air next week (Monday, June 7th, to be exact). Needless to say, I am absolutely stoked.

This show is brilliant. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, take it from me, it’s completely worth your time.

What I love about it is that the science behind the premise, that you can read lies in people’s faces, isn’t bullshit. Since I’ve started watching the show, I’m actually seeing those traits in people. And not just lies; signs of real happiness and sadness too. It’s not something that writers just fabricated out of thin air. They may exaggerate it at times, but they do so in ways that work, and it’s absolutely fascinating.

Plus – something I REALLY like – it takes place in Washington D.C., because the Lightman Group, the business upon which the show is centered, works with the Government on a frequent basis, along with local police for more subdued cases. Several episodes have even taken place in Maryland, like Salisbury and Baltimore. This is nice all on its own, that it’s the permanent setting of their business, rather than just a place that the characters go upon occasion for sparse episodes, but its also nice that the production value doesn’t feel fake. When they’re in D.C., they don’t have the characters sitting on a bench with the Lincoln Memorial in the background, too close so that they’d be sitting in the Reflecting Pool (like they did on Bones…no offense to Bones fans, though).

I like how the show touches on relevent issues like our war in the Middle East and on Homophobia here in the US. Tim Roth in the lead role of Cal Lightman is fantastic and so are all the supporting cast. I particularly love the girl who plays Lightman’s daughter, Emily. She makes a great addition to the show and she’s had a primary role in some of the episodes without being over- or under-played.

Season 1 was better than Season 2, I think, but I enjoyed them both and I really can’t wait to see where Season 3 takes us.

Here’s a good promo I found (ignore the subtitles):


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