TV Meme ~ Day 4

Day 4 – Your favorite show ever.

Gilmore Girls.
(Runners-up: Friends & Gargoyles.)

The thing that really stands out about Gilmore Girls is the personal connection I have to the two main characters, Lorelai and Rory. They are so similar to my own relationship with my mother it’s freaky. Their names, alone resemble mine and my mom’s: Lorrin and Robin.

I love the fast, witty dialogue. The scripts were twice the size of the average tv show because of how much dialogue there was per episode. The pop-culture references are fantastic and the amount of music talked about in the show leaves you reeling. I also love that while the show focuses on two female characters, it’s not a show that’s unappealing to men. It’s not so estrogen-packed that men can’t enjoy it. Most of that is due to the character of Luke Danes, but also due to Lorelai’s parents, Richard and Emily Gilmore.

I love the small-town community of Stars Hollow, CT where the girls live. It’s addictive and you so easily become immersed in the setting and lifestyle. As Rory’s boyfriend Logan puts it in the final season: “Stars Hollow is better than Colonial Williamsburg.” I agree.

I could go on for several more paragraphs. I’m such a dork about this show. I still watch it almost every day, due to the oh-so-wonderful DVR, and the fact that both ABC Family and SoapNet still run the series through the week. When I was out in California in 2008, I was able to take a VIP tour of the Warner Brothers studios and I was actually on the backlot, in the town square of Stars Hollow, in front of Luke’s Diner, on the porch of the Gilmore house and several other characters’ houses. It was amazing.  That day I wore my t-shirt that has the emblem of Luke’s Diner on it and got a photo of myself standing in front of the building that was Luke’s.  I will, of course, treasure it forever.


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