Some more things to look forward to

I’ve been watching another show on ReelzChannel lately, called Naked Trailers.  It’s just a solitary host (no, he’s not naked) who actually bugs me a great deal with his pitifully lame jokes, but it’s basically just a show that screens trailers, unedited and uncensored.  Mostly it’s trailers I’ve already seen, but the other night, there were a few I hadn’t seen yet and really wanted to add to my list of films coming out soon that I want to see.

First up: Countdown to Zero.

Everyone seems to think that the whole 2012 dealie has to be a natural disaster.  You sure about that?  I have a feeling this movie will address that very idea.


8: The Mormon Proposition.

Anyone who knows me knows that I support same-sex marriage.  I also happen to have two very close friends who are Mormons and they, personally (and their families) have always been very respectful towards my beliefs, though this particular subject never came up.  It’s an extremely gray area.  What’s more, I watched the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So, which solely addresses the religious argument against homosexuality and it was both enlightening and very emotional.  I thought it would make me angry, but it didn’t, it just choked me up.  This film looks like it addresses the politics, the business side of the controversy, which is the appropriate next step.   I am eager to see it.

And, of course, the big kahuna: Nowhere Boy.

I am encouraged by several things in this trailer.  One, unlike several other biopics, the whole thing isn’t crammed with as many of the famous songs the musician in question is known for.  You don’t hear “Hey Jude” and “Let it Be” and “Imagine” all squashed together over montages of girls going insane over them up on stage.  Two, it doesn’t come over as predictable.  The word “Beatles” isn’t even uttered in the trailer, other than when the word flashes on the screen briefly.  By the looks of it, the movie is going to focus more on The Quarrymen before the birth of The Beatles.

Honestly, though?  I’m most excited by the casting of Thomas Sangster as Paul McCartney.  I recognized him in the trailer when I first saw it but couldn’t quite place his face.  After an IMDb search, I was stunned to realize that he’s the same kid from Love Actually (Liam Neeson’s son, Sam), Nanny McPhee (the oldest child, Simon) and the brief role as Young Tristan from Tristan and Isolde.  I’ve seen him in a few other things here and there, but I thought, even just from those, he was pretty great.  I’ve been hoping to see him in more things, and playing Paul McCartney in a film certainly seems like a step in the right direction.


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