Sidekicks Unite

Since it’s Awards season for movies, I’ve been going to the theater a lot lately and on one of these many occasions, I caught a short trailer for Young Justice, a new animated series basd on the sidekicks of the members of the Justice League.  Needless to say, this sparked my interest.

I’m especially encouraged to see that Greg Weisman is producing.  As he is the creator of Gargoyles (one of my all-time favorite shows), I’m inclined to believe that the show will be good in his hands.

It remindes me of the most recent incarnation of Justice League, as well as X-Men: Evolution, both of which were shows that I really enjoyed.  I like that this one seems to take a more sophisticated look at the characters, the crimes they have to fight and how they fight their battles.  What I mean by that is, from what I’ve seen of the first episode, Superman has the 1950’s hairstyle while Superboy has a more modern cut, and Robin primarily fights by using gadgets, which is completely true of the original character (he was Batman’s sidekick, after all).  Plus, he’s not really the leader, the way he often acts on Teen Titans, which was a show I could never get into.  And I like that, based on this universe’s setup, these sidekicks get to be the stars, have their own storylines, etc., without completely ignoring the big boys of D.C. Comics.  It acknowledges the fact that they are, in fact, sidekicks, and that the whole point is that they want to take the next step into becomming heroes.

Supposedly, too, the characters will go about as their human selves upon occasion (i.e. Robin is actually Richard Grayson, Speedy is actually Roy Harper, Miss Martian is M’gann M’orzz/Megan Morse, etc.), which is a nice change, since a lot of superhero shows lately don’t tend to do that, including Justice League (although they do refer to each other by their real names) and X-Men Evolution (where Rogue is always Rogue, never Marie).

So I’m excited.  I can’t wait to see where they take this motley crew and what kind of fun they can get into.


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