The X-Files: Founder’s Mutation

I, too, enjoyed “Founder’s Mutation,” quite a bit more than “My Struggle.” HL Shepler explores the why and how, which I largely agree with (save for the perspective of a long-time fan; I’m still new to it all, but loving it).

Zuzu's Petals

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Founder’s Mutation: Season 10 Episode 2
Written by James Wong, Directed by James Wong
First aired January 25, 2016

This episode had everything I love about The X-Files. I could go on forever, but I want to save some of the good stuff for putting the episode in context with the rest of the season. Broadly speaking, I think this is the episode that proves The X-Files is not only timely in a “the government are bad guys” sense, but that this show can still be an envelope-pushing, genre-smashing roller coaster ride that you never want to end.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so! I’ve read numbers suggesting that more than twenty million people agree with me. Look, I’d be perfectly happy if it was just me and the tumblr crowd geeking out. But this is great news news.

  • That cold open was squirmy and physically uncomfortable from start to…

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