Author Interview & Prologue Narration

Update the first on my Inkshares crowdfunding adventure!

Genre Wars production still; Mobsters v. Fantasarians.  2013.

More chapters will be posted on the Resistance Rising project page soon, but, in the meantime, I wanted to share a special update.  Last week, I sat down with writer and book reviewer Barbara Brutt to shed some further insight on the novel: what it’s all really about (plot, characters, themes) and what makes it special, why I’ve chosen to crowd-fund through Inkshares and the evolution of the Genre Wars story from online filmmaking contest to indie web series and, now, to novel.


Embodiments of genres all living in one space as co-existing cultures ignited my imagination. Yet, that concept wasn’t the narrative.  The story is how the characters deal with losing their world structure and facing reawakened cultural tensions.

Read the full interview here.

I’m also happy to present an audiobook sample of the book’s Prologue, narrated by Benjamin Cairns:

If you’re still on the fence about this book, then I hope that this interview will help convince to make that pre-order!  If you’ve already pre-ordered, you can still help by leaving a review.


The Genre Wars team at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, 2014. 

***Photos taken by Jenna M. Miller Photography.


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