This Was 2018

MAG Fest.
Releasing my book – 
my book – into the wild and selling more copies than I could have imagined.
A massive haircut; from waist-length locks to an asymmetrical long bob.

Joining a writing group; which has become a highlight of each month.
Coffee journeys and road trips.  Book releases and signings; conventions without cosplay.

Examination of prophecy, the Arthurian myth, and developing a new novel.
Film sets; sawing a witch in half and suspending a heroine on the side of a cliff.
Company growth; a new video production office.
Making new friends and finally meeting old ones face to face. 

The Ode to Joy.  Steve Harrington and Luna Lovegood.

Robots in San Francisco.  Excalibur casino –– stranded –– in Las Vegas.  Surreal.

Black Panther, your name., A Wrinkle In Time, Infinity War, Ocean’s 8, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Christopher Robin, Into the Spider-Verse, Mary Poppins Returns.

NaNoWriMo…however short lived.  New characters, new stories, new world building.
Watching friends return to themselves; rekindle their old spark and starting creating again.

Journeys and realizations and changes.
Making spiritual choices and finding a home at Collective.
A self-publishing rollercoaster.

Exhaustion and political anxiety.
Walking out on new branches.

A Wrinkle in Time, Sourdough, The Crystal Cave and The Hollow Hills, The Night Circus, American Street, Fawkes, Uprooted, The Wicked Deep, Stardust, The Queen’s Thief, and Labyrinth Lost.

This was 2018.


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