Film Review: “Shoplifters of the World”


Shoplifters of the World offers an intentional, unique approach by focusing not on the [80s] decade itself or its aesthetic, but on the shocking breakup of British band The Smiths. Turns out, though, being a Smiths fan is not a prerequisite to enjoy this film … A coming of age story at heart, Shoplifters of the World threads the needle well between shifting relationship dynamics, a foundational fracture, and surrender to innermost truths… lone teenager Dean … holds DJ Full Metal Mickey at gunpoint, forcing him to play nothing but The Smiths while his friends gallivant around town, mourning the band’s breakup and partying before one of them departs for the military…

Read the full review on Film Festival Today:
“Shoplifters of the World” Offers a Specific, Yet Universal, Viewing Experience



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