Film Review: “Let Me Be Me” Is a Deeply Moving Family Love Story

My review for Let Me Be Me on Film Festival Today!

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and highly recommend it.
In theatres and on Amazon and Apple TV February 25th.

Kyle, at the center of Let Me Be Me, was diagnosed with autism at age six and this film is partly his story, partly the story of his parents, Jen and Jeff, and the choice they made to deviate from the norm in hopes that they might forge a closer connection with their son. The documentary uses a variety of media to illustrate the Westphals’ history, peppered with flashes of the here and now. Each storytelling style feels complementary to one another, mixing archival material from home videos, photos, traditional interviews, and b-roll from the present … The focus is not on the scientific breakdown or explanation of autism, but rather its impact on the Westphals, individually and as a whole. Reactions may vary depending on each viewer’s connection to autism but, for me at least, this film is extremely moving from start to finish.

Read the full review on Film Festival Today:
Film Review: “Let Me Be Me” Is a Deeply Moving Family Love Story”


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