About Robin

“How now, spirit!  Whither wander you?”

Based in Maryland, I am an editor, author, cosplayer, cinephile, and all-around geek. I work full-time for DUO Media Productions and Star Wipe Films. We participate in film competitions, including the 48 Hour Film Project and the 72 Hour Film Fest; our latest films, Capsule (2019) and One Day (2020), won a number of awards, including the Best of DC!

I write film and series reviews for Film Festival Today, I self-published my first book, Resistance Rising: A Genre Wars Novel (inspired by the Genre Wars web series, for which I also wrote the screenplay), and I’m the co-host and producer of Coffee & Contemplation: A Stranger Things Rewatch Podcast.

I worked five consecutive summers for the School of Creative and Performing Arts – an organization specialized in the education of film, acting, dance, and photography for young adults.

When I’m not working, you can find me dreaming up my next cosplay, or reading, writing, and scheming at the local coffee house.