About Robin

“How now, spirit!  Whither wander you?”

Born and raised in Maryland, I am a video editor, an author, cosplayer, Shakespeare enthusiast, cinephile, and all-around geek. At age three, I was quoting The Wizard of Oz; in college, I started reading screenplays and exploring indie film; and in 2017, I self-published my first book, Resistance Rising: A Genre Wars Novel.  That project was inspired by the web series Genre Wars, for which I also wrote the screenplay.

I currently work as a video editor and writer for DUO Media Productions, an award-winning, full-service media production company in the Washington, DC area.

As such, I am also a part of DUO’s sister company,  Star Wipe Films. Star Wipe has been producing short films for over ten years, balancing between larger, independent projects – such as Apocalypse Rock – we participate in film competitions, including the 48 Hour Film Project and the 72 Hour Film Fest. Our film, Sophia won Best Professional Film and Best Cinematography in 2017, Free Climb won Best Acting in 2018, and Capsule swept 2019, winning four awards; Best Writing, Best Costume, Best Pro, and Best of Fest. Even this year, amidst a global pandemic, Star Wipe managed to submit a film to the 48 Hour Film Project, One Day, which won a number of awards as well, including – after ten years – the Best of DC!

The Star Wipe Films team at the 2019 72 Fest Awards

I worked five consecutive summers for the School of Creative and Performing Arts – an organization specialized in the education of film, acting, dance, and photography for young adults.

I currently live in Frederick, Maryland and love it here.  When I’m not working, you can find me dreaming up my next cosplay, or reading, writing, and scheming at the local coffee house.