Those Married Mediums

The Thrilling Adventure Hour is one of the most unique podcasts in existence.  “New time podcast in the style of old time radio.”  All live shows (save for cast and/or creator Q&A specials), the show consists of multiple segments and story arcs, among which are some of the most delightful characters.  Frank and Sadie Doyle are most definitely some of my favorites, brought to life most brilliantly by Paul F. Thompkins and Paget Brewster.  Their segment, Beyond Belief, is an episodic comedy with whimsy and wonderful homage to The Thin Man and in which this husband and wife enjoy nothing more than the occasional ghost hunt and/or exorcism, a strong martini and, of course, one another’s company.
Those Married Mediums

Clink! by unusualsidekick.

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