More “Neverland” Exploration

I stumbled onto this trailer yesterday, not long after posting my last entry.

I think it looks quite good, actually.  Reminds me of Wicked; that kind of story.  I’m generally drawn to these kinds of origin tales, and this one seems to be taking its own spin on things, rather than trying to stay completely true to the original work.  Yet, it doesn’t seem so horrendously out of place, either.

I’m also intrigued because I see, among the cast, Rhys Ifans as Hook (I recognized him as Xenophilius Lovegood), Bob Hoskins as Smee (a character he already played in Hook), Anna Friel as Captain Anne Bonny (I love the fact that they’re using a history-based figure here, and I’ve loved everything I’ve seen this girl in, all the way back to A Midsummer Night’s Dream where she played Hermia) and even Charlie Rowe as Peter himself (I’ve only seen him as young Tommy in Never Let Me Go, but he made an impression in that).

I’m hopeful.


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